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Floral Weave Within a Wine Hoop

This is such a beautiful craft that takes natural elements that we recommend doing outdoors and/or with friends as no two come out the same! Each element is beautiful on its own. The rusted wine barrel hoopx adds a tactile detail and the more color the better! The jute twine adds texture, warmth, and just enough contrast with its texture that the two combined are so goooood! The florals weaved into this project are both fresh and dried but the trick to a successful project is using fresh florals that will dry beautifully as you want the finished decorative wall hanging to last for years! Completing this "wreath" takes another natural element and it's the perfect topper! A supple leather strap has been prepared to accept one brass unbendable nail that finshes this piece as it finds its final hanging space.

This is a kit that is fun to do with a private party, shared between just a few friends or on your own for some quality "me" time. It does require about 45 minutes. To prepare the hoop for the florals takes a bit of repetition that allows for some meditation! Placing the florals and seeing them woven through the twine is definitely the favorite of this project. You can not go wrong with so many beautiful elements!

This kit comes with instructions, winebarrel hoop, dried and fresh florals, natural accessories such as sticks and/or berries,, jute twine, dowels, predrilled leather strap, and brass nail,

This kit is available for shipping. Please take a look at our shop @

This is definitely a treasured piece within our home decor with all of the warmth, textures and beauty it provides.


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