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String Art

This is a great project for the young and older :-). We customized the images for Mother's Day family project and they ALL turned out great!


  • Prepared Wood Panel with Hanger Attached

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • White Embroidery Thread

  • Optional: Accent Color of Thread

  • Clothespin

  • Tape


  1. First, you'll need to organize your materials for the string art project.

  2. Position the chosen pattern on the piece of wood and use tape to secure it temporarily.

  3. With a hammer, lightly pound linoleum nails all the way around the paper pattern. Try to space them as evenly as possible and nail them to the same depth.

  4. Tip: To prevent your fingers from getting hit with the hammer, pinch each nail in a clothespin and hold that instead of the nail itself.

  5. When the shape has been outlined completely with nails, remove the paper pattern. Using embroidery floss, outline the perimeter of the shape. Begin by tying the floss to the first nail and leave a tail for tying off when you are finished.

  6. Tip: Use all six threads of the embroidery floss. Using fewer will cause the strings to break when you pull it taut against the nails.

  7. When you reach a corner or need to change the direction of the string, wrap the string tightly around that nail. This will keep things tight and help maintain the integrity of the shape.

  8. Once you have outlined the shape with string, begin filling it in by crisscrossing and wrapping from nail to nail. There is no rhyme or reason to this process. Simply go from side to side; top to bottom and corner to corner, varying the lengths and order randomly. If you see that you're about to run out of string, try to end where you left a tail of string at the beginning. Knot the ends tightly and start another bundle of floss there as well. Repeat this process until the shape is filled into your liking, then tie off the end when finished. Clip the tails of thread. Now that you've finished, you can display your creation wherever you want in your home!


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