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Firecracker Blocks

Another fun craft kit project with my lady folk! It requires a few more tools to prepare it was a HIT!


  • 4" x 4" Board cut into 12", 9" & 6" pieces

  • Star Stencil

  • Sand Paper

  • Drill w/ 1/4" Drill Bit

  • Paint: Red, White & Blue

  • Brown Antiquing Glaze

  • 18" Jute Rope

  • Rope for trim

  • 2" Masking Tape

Here are the steps:

  1. Sand your blocks if needed

  2. Design your pattern/colors for each block

  3. Tape &/or apply stencil where you want to block out paint

  4. Dry brush (very light layers) each color. For richer color apply multiple layers. Keep each layer light.

  5. Remove tape &/or stencil

  6. (Optional) Brush on glaze. Remove excess glaze with a clean cloth.

  7. Drill a hole in the center of blocks about ½” deep.

  8. Adorn with wick and jute accents as pictured above.

On this occasion we were welcomed by Blvd 41 of El Dorado Hills, CA. It was a great time on their patio with friends on a spring evening preparing for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday!

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