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Yarn Resist Art Project for Kiddos

This is a fun and can I say framable art project that has several "action" items to keep us entertained! They turn out sooo pretty and the steps are manageable for even our young artists!


  • 5" x 7" Art Canvas

  • About 6' of Yarn

  • Clothes Pin

  • Two (2) Cotton Balls

  • Two (2) Qtips

  • Paints: Green & Blue + Accent Color

  • Fine Permanent Marker

What to do?

We started by wrapping yarn around the board vertically. Our wraps varied from between 8-15 wraps around. The yarn does not need to be perfectly straight up and down. It actually looks better if some are wrapped at a slant. When you were satisfied with how much is wrapped, cut the yarn and secured it in the back of the canvas. Readjust yarn to space them out. Try and space them out to cover your canvas from left to right.

Tuck a cotton ball into a clothes pin and then dip cotton ball into the paint and then dab lightly onto the canvas. It is important to just dab the paint on and not to brush it back and forth so that you are not pushing the yarn around. You can form your background scene by layering the sky on top of the ground or take a more lively approach and just be free with your color placement.

When you have finished dabbing, remove your yarn. You can also choose to use Q-tips to dot on leaves or snow or a flower onto your background. You can add a little extra paint to the bottom of your painting and cover part of your trees to give the appearance of trees set further back. Play around with different ideas.

Let the paint dry.

Use a Sharpie to draw small hash marks where the yarn was removed & then presto! Birch trees appear!

We would love to hear how your projects turn out!

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