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Seeded Eucalyptus Wreaths

Eucalyptus is simply gorgeous. It is just as pretty fresh as it is dried which makes it the perfect choice for a wreath. We selected the Seeded Eucalyptus for more texture and interest and it did not disappoint! Seriously. Stunning.

We chose to host this gathering before the holidays as a way to kick off the season! It was a beautiful time together creating memories & homey goods!

Dinner + Friends + Craft Time = FULFILLED!


- Gardening Shears

- Seeded Eucalyptus Bunches (3 or more)

- Floral Wire

- Wire Cutters

- Wire Wreath Frame (12" - 16")

- Optional: Decorative Ribbon

To get started you will grab about three to five stems of leaves and at least one or two stems of seeded stems to create a small "bunch". Wrap the lower bare portion of the stems with wire and twist several times. You will want to leave enough wire at the bottom of the bunch to attach to the wire wreath form. Continue to add bunches in the same direction making sure to overlap and cover bare stems. After placing three or so bunches you will want to interweave about 12" of wire to offer additional stability to the stems and the wreath form. If you hold up your wreath and see a portion drooping you will need additional wire support. Continue this process until you have the fullness you desire. Once you feel you have completed it turn it over and attach a hanger to the wire wreath from. You can select a hanger or create one from the floral hanger with a few loops.

This was a fantastic night with friends. Messy! But Fantastic. My whole house smelled sooooooooo good!!

Every single wreath turned out beautifully!

Additional Tips:

  • Lay it flat overnight so that it retains it's wreath shape as it dries and "sets" it shape.

  • Another option is to use it as a centerpiece for your table. Add a large candle to the center of tabletop wreath for added decor.

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